Personal Income Tax Preparation

AMTS will accurately maximize your deductions and minimize any liability, resulting in larger refunds and lower out-of-pocket taxes.

At the end of tax season, AMTS does not close our doors. We are available for you all year long.

We offer guidance and necessary reminders throughout the year to keep our valued clients compliant and save precious time.

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Tax Preparation for Businesses

We have over 3 decades of tax experience for professionally applying our knowledge and experience in presenting tax returns to the various agencies.

If your organization is one of the following, call us;

Sole Proprietor



Sub Chapter S

C Corporations

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Specialists






Service Industries

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Since 1993

AMTS and You

AMTS is founded on accurate, timely and professional process for our clients resulting in extremely satisfied customers. We are small business specialists in accounting and tax reporting for these enterprises. We strive to over-satisfy each entity and person with quality reports and tax returns that will not be audited by the IRS and other agencies.

By using AMTS most clients will find that any dollars spent comes back to the clients in our ability to find hidden deductions and credits that more than pay for any fees.

Our team of accountants have a wide degree of experiences and expertise to perform the necessary tasks needed to generate financial statements, cost reports, budgets and cash flow necessary to management in order to utilize all the tools necessary for the correct decisions pertinent for successful operation of each enterprise.


Take Your Next Step with AMTS...

Business owners needing quality, timely work performed at fair prices should contact AMTS. We are happy to discuss the benefits for you, your operation and your employees at either at our office, via phone or at your location. 

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